Mountain Waffle Wagon

Mountain Waffle Wagon

Mountain Waffle Wagon

I have been drooling over the pictures on this food truck’s Facebook page for months now, so I just JUMPED at the chance to run down and grab me a nice, big WAFFLE SAMMICH for lunch at Center Park on opening day.


They must’ve been doin’ alright with their opening run because they were having to make some fresh waffle batter when I rolled up for a rather late lunch, thus it took a little while, but it made it all the more super fresh and delicious and the guys running the truck were very nice and apologetic and so on, though I really didn’t mind.

And BEHOLD.. the MARVEL.. of chicken and waffle sandwich DELICIOUSNESS..

Chicken n' Waffles

Looks good, doesn’t it? Your eyes do not deceive. IT IS GOOD. I am very pleased to say that my months of pining over those tasty little Facebook photos was not for naught. The waffle was large but thin and very light/fluffy. I really appreciate that it’s not too dense thus doesn’t sit too heavily on one’s stomach, but, more importantly, does not cake-ify everything and overpower the other ingredients because them there other ingredients need a chance to shine, I SAY! The chicken is great. I could eat that alone. A slight twinge of spice in the seasoning and the batter gets a good little crispness on it. Slap that bad boy in a tasty waffle though, with some sweet honey mustard and a little sprinkle of scallions to balance out that sweetness, AND..
Brilliant. Love it. Sign me up. Give me more.
I’m HONGRY for it.

I love this concept. I love that it’s bringing something really different that still seems absolutely feasible. It makes for great street food. They’re making a point to use as many local ingredients as they can get their hands on.
Oh, and this little icing on the cake to-boot. Some of the best root beer I’ve tasted in a good while..

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

I can’t wait to get my WAFFLE SANDWICH on again. I encourage you to do the same.

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Famous Nater’s World Famous

Famous Nater’s World Famous


You guys. Seriously. I was SO close to calling this something like “Famous Nater’s: A ChattaHONGRY Love Story.” You have no idea.

The food truck landscape in the Chattanooga area is ever-expanding and it’s exciting to see all of the new things that are happening with it, but when given options of local food trucks, I honestly have a hard time prying myself away from Famous Nater’s. This is my go-to. And I’ll tell you why.

Nathan Flynt is a man after my own heart. He’s also pretty much the top dog of the Chatt food truck scene. He’s the vet. This is the guy other people go to to learn the ropes when they’re starting up a truck. When I eat this man’s food, not only do I enjoy it (duh), but I think.. this must be the type of stuff that, say, an Iron Chef (or some other similarly awesome chef) would make for themselves at home if they just had a random hankering for a sandwich. Nate is like a little culinary mad scientist, putting gourmet (and you won’t see me use that word often because it’s overused/misused to the point that it loses its meaning, so I try to refrain, but it’s totally applicable here) twists on the most common of American fare: the sandwich. Furthermore, you may notice that the truck itself boasts “Truck-Made Everything,” which gives you an idea of the emphasis on making things fresh and using local, natural ingredients.


The tricky thing here is telling you about the food because the menu changes every week. Some things you’ll see a bit more frequently, like the barbecue pork sandwich or the Midnight In Saigon (braised pork, ponzu sauce, and a carrot and cilantro salad on a Niedlov’s bun). This whole concept is awesome because it keeps the selection fresh, so you can eat here a lot without getting bored (which I really appreciate). On the flip side, however, try not to get too attached to a particular sammy because it might be a while before you see it again (unless maybe you just ask Nate nicely or something). One of my all-time favorites was the first one I ever had, which featured pork, cream cheese, and pepper jelly on a Niedlov’s (supplier of all Nate’s breads) bun. Another recent favorite I’d like to see come back around was the Bulls On Parade, a buffalo chicken sandwich with a celery salad and blue cheese foam on a Niedlov’s bun. You can also always add a bag of Dirty All-Natural Potato Chips for a buck and various beverages, such as fruity frescas (watermelon mint was a recent one) or fruit punch (a sweetened combo of lime, lemon, orange, and beet juice). You’ll also usually get a few yummy pickled veggies (mostly cucumbers and/or carrots) on the side.


Check out the Famous Nater’s site for weekly schedules and menus. They are usually up by Tuesday or Wednesday. Lately, you can find Nater’s pretty regularly at Center Park, serving lunch 11-2, Wednesday through Friday, or at the Chattanooga Market on Sundays, 11-4. Also, Nater’s just recently celebrated a two-year anniversary with an awesome little event, offering folks free sandwiches, chips, fruit punch, and beer. Nate has also helped to organize an upcoming event at Center Park (Pickin’ In The Park), which takes place this coming Thursday, 7/18/13, 5-10. I highly recommend stopping in if you can. Good food and good music makes a pretty sweet combo.

Go get yourself an FN scrumptious sandwich, HONGRY babies.


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The Muenster Truck

The Muenster Truck

It’s amazing how far the food truck scene has come here in Chattanooga. From its humble beginnings with Southern Burger Co. and Famous Nater’s (which is and likely always will be my favorite) to the brief shining star of Taco Sherpa (which I still have constant cravings for) to awesome relative newcomers like Local Slice (I still think it’s wild that they have a wood-burning oven in a truck). It’s getting more and more interesting all the time. Heck, I’ve even heard tell of a guy trying to stick a barbecue smoker in a food truck. Sounds cool! We’ll see about that one. But, for now, the Chatt truck scene has a welcome new edition in The Muenster Truck.

Clearly, there is no lack of excitement surrounding such things, as this was the scene at Center Park on The Muenster Truck’s opening day..


.. and thus the reason I, unfortunately, didn’t have time to sample their wares.

But, have no fear, there’s always.. Day Two:


Guru Shah and his wife Neha and much of their family were present when my fiancée Meghan and I arrived. They were very nice and incredibly friendly. That, along with good food, is a winning combination (precisely why I love Famous Nater’s), so we’re off to a good start.

About the food: there are three sandwiches on the initial menu. I’m told these will basically be the regulars and specials (like apple, brie, and honey) will join them from time to time. We tried The Angry Bacons, The All That, a few chocolate milks, and a little shot of gazpacho.

I liked the gazpacho, though I’m generally not a fan of it. It wasn’t so chunky as what I’ve had before and it had a bit of cumin and spice to it that made it not so bland and one-note tomato-y as it usually is.

The chocolate milk was.. well.. chocolate milk. You can’t go wrong.

The All That was delicious, especially with the sriracha sauce they serve on the side (I’m a sucker for spice). It had gruyere, fried egg, spicy mustard, and we added bacon to it as well. As you might guess from the ingredient list, it was quite breakfast-y, so it’s a good option if you’re in such a mood.

The winner-winner though was The Angry Bacons. Havarti, avocado, and bacon. The textures on this bad-boy are awesome. The white bread (from Bluff View Bakery) is so crisp, crunchy, and buttery. The havarti melts perfectly and has a great flavor as well as that stringy pull-away effect that just makes you feel like a kid. The avocado adds a bit of freshness and amplifies the ooey-gooey factor. And the bacon, of course, is yummy crispy salty bacon (that’s a no-brainer).


Growing up, I absolutely loved grilled cheese sandwiches. They were literally the first food I recall learning to make for myself. I was so excited when I made my first one. And, on some level, whenever I eat one, I’m transported back to such simpler times. Grilled cheese just screams comfort food. It’s exciting to see someone applying more adult flavor pairings to such an American staple food item and doing it well. I look forward to eating more delicious sandwiches from The Muenster Truck.

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