Mountain Waffle Wagon

Mountain Waffle Wagon

Mountain Waffle Wagon

I have been drooling over the pictures on this food truck’s Facebook page for months now, so I just JUMPED at the chance to run down and grab me a nice, big WAFFLE SAMMICH for lunch at Center Park on opening day.


They must’ve been doin’ alright with their opening run because they were having to make some fresh waffle batter when I rolled up for a rather late lunch, thus it took a little while, but it made it all the more super fresh and delicious and the guys running the truck were very nice and apologetic and so on, though I really didn’t mind.

And BEHOLD.. the MARVEL.. of chicken and waffle sandwich DELICIOUSNESS..

Chicken n' Waffles

Looks good, doesn’t it? Your eyes do not deceive. IT IS GOOD. I am very pleased to say that my months of pining over those tasty little Facebook photos was not for naught. The waffle was large but thin and very light/fluffy. I really appreciate that it’s not too dense thus doesn’t sit too heavily on one’s stomach, but, more importantly, does not cake-ify everything and overpower the other ingredients because them there other ingredients need a chance to shine, I SAY! The chicken is great. I could eat that alone. A slight twinge of spice in the seasoning and the batter gets a good little crispness on it. Slap that bad boy in a tasty waffle though, with some sweet honey mustard and a little sprinkle of scallions to balance out that sweetness, AND..
Brilliant. Love it. Sign me up. Give me more.
I’m HONGRY for it.

I love this concept. I love that it’s bringing something really different that still seems absolutely feasible. It makes for great street food. They’re making a point to use as many local ingredients as they can get their hands on.
Oh, and this little icing on the cake to-boot. Some of the best root beer I’ve tasted in a good while..

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

I can’t wait to get my WAFFLE SANDWICH on again. I encourage you to do the same.

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