Taco Roc

Taco Roc


Taco Roc is my go-to place for Mexican fare (there’s apparently a theme with this whole “go-to places” concept, but, hey, why shouldn’t there be?). There are a few key reasons why. First off, it’s not much to look at. One could potentially define it as a “hole in the wall” or a “dive.” To me, that’s not a negative thing. In fact, it can denote a certain sense of charm. But I could also see the flip side of it/how some people might find it unappealing, so to each his (or her) own and all that jazz..

But the thing of Taco Roc that snags me is this: it is a very nice, very welcome break from the “traditional” idea of Americanized Mexican fare that pollutes the Chattafoodscape (should I trademark that?), without trying too hard to be deliberately different, if you know what I mean. It’s not some modern nouveau chic tappas-ish take on Mexican fare or some similar such ill-conceived fad. Nope. This is what I expect food would be like from my abuela’s kitchen (provided I had an abuela). It’s good and fresh, but simple; no frills. You get large portions, at a ridiculously low cost (honestly, I have, regrettably, paid more for fast food on many occasions). Chips and salsa aren’t complimentary. I’ve known some people to complain of this, but.. seriously, you guys? Quit your whining. They are super cheap (like a buck-something) and are very good. They fry their own chips and make their own salsa. There is also a complimentary salsa bar with loads of goodies to choose from, which I always seem to get overly excited about because I grab much more stuff than I need off of it. They make some great guacamole, which, again, is a pretty large portion and pretty cheap, for what it is. You can get some horchata or various rotating fruity beverages (mango, pineapple, or guava, for instance, to name a few) to accompany your meal, or a cold beer. If they would just start slingin’ margaritas in this joint, they’d see my butt planted there even more frequently.
Furthermore, I’m a taco salad junkie and this is one of my favorite places to go for them. I also really love some plain ol’ tacos, and I really like their selection here. Let’s see.. ground beef, chicken, steak, pork, shrimp, barbacoa, al pastor, chorizo, cactus, etc. Their meats are all delicious. The pork is one of the stand-outs, in my opinion. It’s like a slow-roasted pulled pork. Very moist and delicious. On the tacos note, also, this is one of the only places around town at which I will order fish tacos. I love fish tacos, but, sadly, I tend to be very weary of ordering them from most places. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of getting some bad ones, you should understand this quite well.

I can’t say enough how much I love this place. They have a huge menu with tons of options I’ve not even mentioned. It’s good, authentic stuff. It’s not your run-of-the-mill Americanized Mexican, which I love and am pleased to see becoming a little more common in our city (wink and a nod to Ovalle’s and Taqueria Jalisco, for instance). And it’s CHEAP. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Good, cheap eats. Man, I don’t know about you, but that’s the ticket for me. Give this place a try, if you haven’t already.

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