The Muenster Truck

The Muenster Truck

It’s amazing how far the food truck scene has come here in Chattanooga. From its humble beginnings with Southern Burger Co. and Famous Nater’s (which is and likely always will be my favorite) to the brief shining star of Taco Sherpa (which I still have constant cravings for) to awesome relative newcomers like Local Slice (I still think it’s wild that they have a wood-burning oven in a truck). It’s getting more and more interesting all the time. Heck, I’ve even heard tell of a guy trying to stick a barbecue smoker in a food truck. Sounds cool! We’ll see about that one. But, for now, the Chatt truck scene has a welcome new edition in The Muenster Truck.

Clearly, there is no lack of excitement surrounding such things, as this was the scene at Center Park on The Muenster Truck’s opening day..


.. and thus the reason I, unfortunately, didn’t have time to sample their wares.

But, have no fear, there’s always.. Day Two:


Guru Shah and his wife Neha and much of their family were present when my fiancée Meghan and I arrived. They were very nice and incredibly friendly. That, along with good food, is a winning combination (precisely why I love Famous Nater’s), so we’re off to a good start.

About the food: there are three sandwiches on the initial menu. I’m told these will basically be the regulars and specials (like apple, brie, and honey) will join them from time to time. We tried The Angry Bacons, The All That, a few chocolate milks, and a little shot of gazpacho.

I liked the gazpacho, though I’m generally not a fan of it. It wasn’t so chunky as what I’ve had before and it had a bit of cumin and spice to it that made it not so bland and one-note tomato-y as it usually is.

The chocolate milk was.. well.. chocolate milk. You can’t go wrong.

The All That was delicious, especially with the sriracha sauce they serve on the side (I’m a sucker for spice). It had gruyere, fried egg, spicy mustard, and we added bacon to it as well. As you might guess from the ingredient list, it was quite breakfast-y, so it’s a good option if you’re in such a mood.

The winner-winner though was The Angry Bacons. Havarti, avocado, and bacon. The textures on this bad-boy are awesome. The white bread (from Bluff View Bakery) is so crisp, crunchy, and buttery. The havarti melts perfectly and has a great flavor as well as that stringy pull-away effect that just makes you feel like a kid. The avocado adds a bit of freshness and amplifies the ooey-gooey factor. And the bacon, of course, is yummy crispy salty bacon (that’s a no-brainer).


Growing up, I absolutely loved grilled cheese sandwiches. They were literally the first food I recall learning to make for myself. I was so excited when I made my first one. And, on some level, whenever I eat one, I’m transported back to such simpler times. Grilled cheese just screams comfort food. It’s exciting to see someone applying more adult flavor pairings to such an American staple food item and doing it well. I look forward to eating more delicious sandwiches from The Muenster Truck.

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  1. It’s about time you started a food blog…..Your first entry was fantastic!!!! WAY TO GO…..Keep up the good work…

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