A Quest

Chattanooga is a fine old town.

I was born and raised here. At twenty-something, as many do, I bolted. I traveled a little. It was fun, and I’d love to visit some of those places again, but it didn’t take long for me to recall that Chattanooga is indeed my home. And now, the more time I spend here, the more blessed I feel to call it home.

Whenever I do travel though, or when I’m right here at home, my main concern is WHERE TO EAT. I just absolutely love food. So, one of the most exciting things about being here in good ol’ Chatt-town is that the food scene is BOOMING. There are loads of ambitious people who are bringing things here that this city has never seen before. You don’t have to hit the road for a good meal anymore – it’s right around the corner. I just love being a part of that, in any capacity, especially helping other people sift through the so-so and find what’s good.

So, here’s to the hope that, when you’ve got a hunger you just can’t kick..

When there’s an itch in your belly that you can’t quite seem to scratch..

When you’re aching for something that will truly satisfy your appetite, and you’re not sure where to start, you’ll at least know that you don’t have to travel far because..

Chattanooga is a fine old town.


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